Commercial TPO Roofing

TPO Roofing

TPO roofing in Austin by Culver Roofing Company provides energy savings, and strong protection for your commercial building with a commercial TPO roof system. It stands up to hail, leaking, and tearing in the worst of the Texas Hill Country weather. Applied with our over 30 plus years of expertise, it is the ideal single-ply membrane TPO roof system. You can start saving on energy bills right away and saving money long term with less frequent repairs and affordable maintenance plans.

Benefits of a Commercial TPO RoofAUSTIN TPO ROOFER

TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin) is a flexible combination of polypropylene and ethylene propylene that is perfect for any flat or low-sloped surface for your commercial building.

  • Your TPO roofing in the Austin Metro Area will be highly resistant to punctures, tears and leaks and fire. You will reduce the maintenance headaches that come with less sturdy commercial roof surfaces.
  • It is rubber-like, expanding and contracting with building movement and climate changes. A TPO roof system will reduce the risk of cracks and peeling that occur in other commercial roofing materials.
  • Commercial TPO roofs are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, saving you money all year long, especially in the intense summer heat of the Gulf Coast.
  • Widespread use started in 2003. Since then, this membrane has become the fastest growing single-ply commercial roof material in the nation.

Installation of a Commercial TPO Roof

Commercial TPO roofs in Austin by Culver Roofing Company is efficient to install and can be implemented quickly. It is simply rolled out and securely adhered to the roof decking. The edges are heat-welded at seams and intrusions. For you to fully realize the many benefits, expert installation by Culver Roofing Company is a must.

  • Proper attachment is essential in windy environments. Then you will be certain that wind cannot lift the edges. Your operations will be safe, and your contents protected. We are the experienced roof contractor to do your job correctly.
  • You want to combine this single-ply membrane with top of the line insulation. This will keep your building warmer in winter and cooler in the summer. It also adds a slight slope that eliminates standing water. You’ll have even greater leak protection and a longer useful life cycle.
  • You can trust that we know this material. We have been applying Thermoplastic Olefin since it appeared on the market, and we have been meeting the area’s commercial roofing needs for over 30 years.

Save Energy with a Commercial TPO RoofAUSTIN TPO ROOFING

Commercial TPO Roofing by Culver Roofing Company saves energy. The right color, insulation and ballasting can make commercial TPO roofs an energy-saving dynamo all year round. It is an effective Cool Roof, with an initial solar reflectance of at least .70 and an initial thermal emittance of .75. That means that you will see a reduction in both cooling and heating costs.

  • You can save in energy costs of heating and cooling your facility, freeing up money in your budget for other priorities.
  • TPO is both ENERGY STAR compliant and Cool Roof Rating Council certified. Your occupants will feel comfortable all year long – and at a savings to you!
  • It reflects an average 80 percent of UV radiation – far above the 65 percent minimum required for ENERGY STAR compliance.
  • A cool surface reduces electrical demand, lessening your carbon footprint. It is an ideal way to show the community you care about the environment.
  • Commercial TPO roofing will be thicker and more reflective than standard rubber roofing, so your HVAC won’t have to work as hard, reducing your maintenance costs.

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